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Patent Obtained Marine Placenta(MPC ) Placental Extract(INCI Name:Placental Protein)

Product Description

Marine Placenta(Product code:MPC) is a placental extract that is extracted and purified from the ovary membrane of domestic natural salmon using an innovative process developed by Nippon Barrier Free.

Characteristics of Marine Placenta
  • Amino acid-rich
  • Low molecular weight
  • Presence of mucopolysaccharides

Placental Protein (mono ID: 2343)


We only use natural domestic salmon. All process of manufacture is carried out in Japan and we can trace the production record.

Safety Data

Primary skin irritation test・2-week continuous skin irritancy test・eye irritation test・skin sensitization test・reverse mutation test・human skin irritation test・light sensitivity test・toxicity test・single dose oral administration toxicity test・chromosomal aberration test

  • Skin tests (improvement of skin elasticity, grain, blackened pores, etc) (Condition: Trial to evaluate cosmetics)
  • Experimental research on promotion of hair growth (hair growth effect).
  • Cell activation test using human dermal fibroblast
  • Collagen synthesis test using human dermal fibroblast
  • Antioxidant action
  • Cosmetic (Patented in Japan,China and Korea) -Patented in histamine-release inhibition effect (anti-allergy effect)
  • Cosmetic (Patented in Japan,China and Korea) -Patented in melanin synthesis inhibition effect (whitening effect)
  • Hair restorer (Patented in Japan)
  • Blackened-pore improving agent (Patented in Japan,China and Korea)
  • Sebum increasing cosmetic (Patented in Korea)


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